When it comes to crabbing tours in Cairns, you just can’t beat Catcha Crab! On a Catcha Crab tour you will get up close and personal with an abundant array of wildlife in the splendour of Trinity Inlet, including fresh mud crab and fishing.

During the summer months the bird life is at its best with large numbers of waders found on the mudflats and mangroves making this a bird watchers paradise. During the Winter months, we¬†will often see salt water “Estuarine Crocodiles” basking on the banks and mudflats offering a unique look at these modern day dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

The excitement of fishing is available to all on board as the natural habitat contains 34 species of fish and Tony or one of his team members¬†will assist with rigging and fishing tips. Plus, what could be better than fresh mud crab from the mangroves? The mud crab (Scylla serrata) is a big, dark brown or mottle green crab that can grow up to 25 cm (about 10 in) and weigh up to 3.5 kg (almost 8 lb). Cairns Catcha Crab will catch and prepare freshly cooked mud crab for all on board, with fresh salad and tropical fruit you won’t leave hungry. One of the most unique Cairns tours.

Cairns Catcha Crab utilises a purpose built vessel that is both spacious and comfortable for all on board. We are equipped with a toilet and washing facilities on board, to ensure your comfort whilst cruising the tropical waterways. Our tours operate in calm water and we have not had a single case of sea sickness in 18 Years!

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