Welcome to Cairns Catcha Crab

Welcome to Cairns Catcha Crab

Fresh Mud Crab Lunch Guaranteed.

Looking for a great crabbing tour in Cairns or even a fishing tour in Cairns?

Cruise the far north’s pristine waterways teaming with life and catch a feed of fresh crab or fish with a FRESH MUD CRAB LUNCH GUARANTEED! Bask in the natural beauty of the Cairns Tropical surroundings and come face to face with the most diverse range of flora and fauna in Australia.

Tony Hodgetts and the Cairns Catcha Crab team will take you on a half day tour of the senses, giving you a taste of the real wet tropics. Crabbing tours and Fishing tours are our speciality, the sight of wildlife in natural habitat as nature intended will amaze.

Enjoy a seated lunch of freshly cooked mud crab on our specially designed vessel, with people of all ages. You are guaranteed a lunch of fresh mud crab and an experience to remember. Your professional guide will provide you with facts about the local environment, culture and of course fishing and crabbing tips. If you prefer a more relaxed pace you can absorb the wonders of nature without getting your feet wet!

Explore the best nature has to offer with Cairns Catcha Crab. You are assured of a tour with a difference and a culinary sensation to remember!

“A day out with Tony and his crew has become one of the first outings booked whenever I am in Cairns.”

“A day out with Tony and his crew has become one of the first outings booked whenever I am in Cairns.”

Such a relaxing, fun day to begin my holiday. Fishing, crabbing and relaxing on the water, followed by a freshly cooked lunch of whatever is caught. Complimentary tea and coffee, and soft drinks and beer can be bought on board. Toilet on board too. All fishing gear and bait provided. They will even bait your hook if you are squeamish!! Thanks Tony and Diane for a great day out. See you next time I am in Cairns!!
Linda Fisher

Cairns crabbing tours

When it comes to crabbing tours in Cairns, you just can’t beat Catcha Crab! On a Catcha Crab tour you will get up close and personal with an abundant array of wildlife in the splendour of Trinity Inlet, including fresh mud crab and fishing.

During the summer months the bird life is at its best with large numbers of waders found on the mudflats and mangroves making this a bird watchers paradise. During the Winter months, we will often see salt water “Estuarine Crocodiles” basking on the banks and mudflats offering a unique look at these modern day dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

The excitement of fishing is available to all on board as the natural habitat contains 34 species of fish and Tony or one of his team members will assist with rigging and fishing tips. Plus, what could be better than fresh mud crab from the mangroves? The mud crab (Scylla serrata) is a big, dark brown or mottle green crab that can grow up to 25 cm (about 10 in) and weigh up to 3.5 kg (almost 8 lb). Cairns Catcha Crab will catch and prepare freshly cooked mud crab for all on board, with fresh salad and tropical fruit you won’t leave hungry. One of the most unique Cairns tours.

Cairns Catcha Crab utilises a purpose built vessel that is both spacious and comfortable for all on board. We are equipped with a toilet and washing facilities on board, to ensure your comfort whilst cruising the tropical waterways. Our tours operate in calm water and we have not had a single case of sea sickness in 18 Years!

"Excellent day out in Cairns AND fresh caught mud crabs" 🦀

"Excellent day out in Cairns AND fresh caught mud crabs" 🦀

Sam Kunsman

Cairns Fishing Tours

Cairns Catcha Crab has always offered you the opportunity to fish while on a crabbing tour, now you can book an exclusive fishing tour with an opportunity to do some crabbing if you choose.

By booking a Catcha Crab Cairns estuary fishing tour you are also guaranteed a cooked mud crab lunch.

Catcha Crab Cairns Fishing tours will take you through the glorious surroundings of Trinity Inlet offering you a chance to wet a line for some of the far North’s best estuary fish. The Cairns Trinity Inlet offers fishing for an array of premium estuary table fish with species including the famous Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, fingermark, Grunter, Brim, Flathead, Trevally, Estuary Cod and many others.

With approximately 32 species of fish in the area there is a great chance of some exciting fishing. The best thing about a Catch Crab Cairns Fishing tour is that legal fish can be optionally cooked on board the vessel or taken home. As they say the pleasure is in the eating.

Want to catch Barramundi or some other delicious Estuary Fish?

Even better, with a Catcha Crab Fishing Tour you can cook your catch on board or take it home – it’s legal with Cairns Catcha Crab Tours. With Barramundi you can catch them all year round; however only during the Barramundi season can you cook and keep your catch. Closed season is from 7 October to 1 February, however possession on boats is allow until 17 October.
As part of your Fishing Tour we also provide a cooked mud crab lunch for all aboard. Trinity Inlet provides one of the best light tackle fishing opportunities in the world – and we believe in one if not the best natural surroundings – so you can feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery as well.

All tours come with lunch

Trinity Inlet’s pristine waterways are teaming with life and in addition to Barramundi you can catch Flathead, Whiting, Fingermark, Jewfish, Mangrove Jack, Large Northern Grunter, Brim, Trevally and so many others – around 32 species! Tony Hodgetts and his team from Catcha Crab specialise in Fishing Toursand guarantee you some exciting fishing. You can book a full and half day (or exclusive hire) fishing tour in the beautiful Trinity Inlet in Cairns with Catcha Crab.

Who is the tour suitable for?

Catcha Crab has a specially designed vessal and we can accommodate people of all ages – our tours are suitable for all skill levels as well. At Catcha Crab we are also very knowledgeable about the area and your professional guide will be able to inform you about the local natural diversity and culture during your Fishing Trip.
For Barramundi fishing in Cairns choose Catcha Crab Fishing Tour. With Tony and his team you are guaranteed a Fishing Tour that you will remember – in addition to a wonderful culinary experience.

Tour costs and tour dates

Half day tour, $95 per adult, and $75 for children – under four years are free. Remember this includes a delicious crab lunch.
We also offer a free pick up and return from Cairns CBD.
We are open seven days a week all through the year. We are only closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.
Our departure point is the Marlin Jetty in Cairns.
Both morning and afternoon tours are four hours long. Morning Tours commence at 8.30am and afternoon tours depart at 1 pm.



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